Sunday, June 14, 2020


I want to acknowledge the events of the past few weeks which are all too familiar to the events which quite honestly have continuously and devastatingly been repeated through American history, legitimately, NONSTOP.
To be very clear, I stand behind the BLM Movement and equality in every aspect of life for the American BIPOC community.  

The last six months have been such a whirlwind of crazy.  The global pandemic forced us to slow down and observe...and WOW.   In a time of great rest, we all witnessed black men and women, one after the other murdered right before our eyes by the very institutions we have given the right of our protection to.  With eyes wide open we see now and we cannot accept the incredulous abuse of power and authority not for one second, one day, or one life more.  We can do better.

I support BLM to its fullest extent and as a white woman, I've felt it appropriate for me to stand behind the cause and work on my micro level for macro change.  Some things that I have been doing which are important to me and I hope do this cause some justice are voting and communicating with the leaders in my local communities about some of the very obvious signs of disproportion I witness within my local area. Also, continuing to work with my local school board to ensure that schools within my district remain choice schools and that those children who are not local to the area have the ability to acquire transportation services.  Also, Charleston SC has some of the most incredible small businesses and supporting those which not only offer incredible products and services but which are also owned and operated by black entrepreneurs is not even a hard decision.  I've been studying the racism within the local yoga communities which I was so blind to as well.    And finally I will continue to support the world of makers with an intention on staying dedicated to the diverse community of incredibly creative and talented women of color.  (I wanted to bring all that up just to kind of spread an awareness that the scope of change needs to be done on many levels.)

It's been important for me to publicly take a back seat so that voices that matter most are highlighted and remain a source of education on a soul level for all of us.  It's my true belief that when you're talking you're not listening.  My support for this movement and BIPOC means nothing if I cannot hear what's communicated over the lifetime of noise my own experience on this earth as a white woman has given me.

One of my favorite pieces of wisdom I took from...I don't know...Instagram maybe...has stuck with me for several years.  It reads

The attitude of "that's just how I am, take it or leave it" is a sign of immaturity.  As an adult, it's your responsibility to figure out which of your traits are toxic and are negatively impactful towards other people and the ones you love and to eventually learn how to fix them.  At some point, we all have to start making ourselves better individuals.  If you truly believe you don't have to change anything about yourself, even at the very least the worst in you and that people will just have to deal with it, then sorry, you're still a child. - Mark Manson

For me, this has much relevance to the current events.   America's belief in meritocracy which gives so many such a bold sense of pride vs. the silence of systemic racism is a no win battle.  America has a responsibility and an incredible opportunity to make itself better for our communities which have suffered greatest from the toxic qualities.


Friday, November 8, 2019

High Street Skirt - Tester Roundup

The High Street Skirt is the latest womens sewing pattern we've added to our collection.  We couldn't have done it without our testers!  The 20 of us worked closely together over a two week time period to evolve and perfect the design and tutorial!

The contributors are some of the most inspiring makers in our community!  Make sure to follow them and take the fabric and styling inspiration with you into your own adventurers with this sewing pattern!

Tiffany B @sewistbynight

Jill H. @independentclothinginitiative

Heather Z. @heatherelyse_handmade

Eleonora @io_e_carlotta

Nicole @kilnergoods

Andrea @andrea_djones

Samantha @the.crafty.creator

Lousie @simpson_sews

Our New Release Sale is on from now until 11.11.  Use the coupon code HIGHSTREET for 30% off your entire purchase!

Monday, October 28, 2019

4 Yards

Four yards of fabric exhausted.

Denim blend from Joanns.  $21.99 a yard, but scored a 40% off coupon!  
So many people have reached out to me looking for this fabric.  Here's what I know.  It was being offered at Joanns in May 2019.  Sku number 16415648

Used on Cali Faye Collection Basics Tank and Esteem Dress