Thursday, June 28, 2018


Thank goodness for this team!  This was hands down one of the best testing experiences I've had with a group of gals.  I've really got to hand it to them.  They went above and beyond and were so positive and kind.   

Fun fact....I am the worst proofreader and I make no less than 1738 mistakes throughout my tutorials and patterns.   Also, this has been an extremely busy last two weeks in my world and keeping up with everything has been extremely stressful, but these ladies were so patient with me, problem solved together and we came up with some really amazing improvements to the original draft I introduced them to.  I'm so confident that this design is the absolute best it could possibly be!  Forever grateful!

I really really really encourage you to check out my creative and talented friends!  Click on Read More Below Ashley's pic. 


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

D R E S S - 4 7-

I'm obsessed!

It's been an ongoing challenge for me to get women into clothes that make them feel beautiful.  Better  yet, allow them to create the clothing themselves, giving them the control of comfortable fabrics and unique alterations to make the garment juuuust right for their needs.

Dress 47 is now your challenge.  

Releasing previews of this dress was an eye opening experience.  See, we have here in this design a slight thrill.  The exposure in the front.  Honestly, I'm obsessed with designs which show off some of the areas on a woman that are really beautiful.  The collar line, backs, shoulders, legs...that small triangle bit between the waist and bustline.

In this space contains your love, wisdom, and sexuality chakras.  This dress is all that well.  My favorite of all though... Love. Self love especially.   So, when I say that introducing this dress was an eye opening experience, I mean that I was thrilled to see that women desired something that they knew could make them feel beautiful.  But I was saddened that this also brought out the insecurities that we all have.  Maybe you've had 10 kids..Own it.  Maybe you have stretch marks....Own it....Maybe you have no boobs (like me :) ) or you have an abundance....Own it.   

We have only one vehicle through this life.  Own it.   Show it off.  Love it.

Ok. Let's talk details real quick so you can go on to making your own Dress 47.

Check out this size chart for sizing guides, tools, and fabric recommendations.  Please note that the critical measurement here is the waistline.    

Fun facts.  The midline sits at the smallest part of the natural waist.  Tie front closure, gathered skirt, and optional pockets!  The waistband fits comfortably snug, with the help of an elastic back waistband, so we've included an invisible zip on the side seam.  The hem line is intended to fall just above the knee but is customizable to your needs.

The model featured measures 5'9" , 33.5"B, 26"W, 36H, and is wearing a size 6.

The Dress 47 pictured was created with a lightweight cotton blend.  75% cotton 25% linen

Other options to consider are very light-light weight fabrics such as rayon challis, voile, double gauze, chambray, gingham, shirting, chiffon, crepe, seersucker, and linen etc.

Knits are also an option!  Stick with knits that have 100% recovery and less than 50% stretch. 

Use the coupon code DRESS47 for 30% off your entire purchase until July 1, 11:59pm EST.