Monday, December 18, 2017

Red Dress Project

When Renata, from came to me with her idea to host The Little Red Dress Project I was all in!
Red isn’t a color I normally wear.  Long ago I decide that my wardrobe would consist of black on black on black and sometimes white and grey.  It just frees me from having to make decisions on how to match colors in my wardrobe and I’ve always been comfortable in black.
But RED.....Red is a powerful color and I’m all about the empowerment a dress can give you.
I knew no matter how hard I tried not to, I would take this dress glam. When I sew for fun, and not when I’m just designing my line, I always go so much more glam than I intended.  Knowing that about myself, I decide to take that and go all out.
I searched for a long while for a design out there that would work with my body type. You probably noticed.. I work out.  I have a very muscular build, and finding a dress I can feel really good in is hard when really my happy place is in a pair of yoga pants and a cut off tank.
I don’t know why it took so long, but after a few weeks I remembered that OH MY GAH... Cali Faye Collection has some great dresses for me!  -Duh-
Without question it was the Klein Dress all the way, especially considering I wanted this thing to hit the floor and drape so gorgeously in the amazing Red Velour fabric I scooped up from   You best believe when I got that fabric I cried happy tears!   As amazing as it is in photographs, it’s 10 times better in real life!
This fabric was absolutely perfect for this project but I did run into one snag.
The weight of the fabric is heavy!  So, taking that into consideration I lined the shoulder straps with twill tape to give them some strength.
And because it absolutely frigid a strappy dress wasn’t going to do me any favors. I needed something under the dress but not too bulky.
That’s why I got this little piece of magic.
ARM TIGHTS from Spax. I will be buying one in every color!
I’m so in love with the whole look.  I even wore it to a Friendsgiving celebration before I ever made it out to take pictures.
I’m in love!   I can’t wait to see the other amazing looks you all came up with for the Red Dreas Project.  Don’t forget to add that hashtag #littlereddresasproject #littlereddressproject2017
And tag @runningnstyle so she can check you out! 💋

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  1. It's a stunning dress! Thanks for the tip on the arm tights, I didn't know such thing existed...