Thursday, September 7, 2017

Esteem Dress . Tester 1

We love our testers!  Check out what our gals did in our Tester 2 . Esteem Dress Blog post. 

Our tester roundup will come in two batches. The volunteers who offer their time, supplies and experience come from all over the world and all different circumstances. Unfortunately, some of our testers were dealing with the horrid outbreak of influenza in Australia, poor weather in Europe, surprise family vacations, kids school name it!   

Regardless of their circumstances, all of the women who have helped bring the Esteem Dress into the world are incredibly talented and have put together some amazing looks with this design. Check out these dresses! Everyone is very authentic to themselves and it's fun to see the fabrics they choose and how they style the design.  

Click on the pictures and follow them on IG!

Angie from @angie.burgett

Jeanine from The Crafting Fiend

Renata from

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