Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Not gonna lie.  I took way too long to get this design out.  As much as I would have wished to had this completed in January(!!!!) its timing is quite appropriate for spring and the approaching summer.  So, maybe it was meant to be.

Now that it's settled, I'm going to need a Fenix Romper in every color.  It is seriously one of the most comfortable things I have ever worn.  Although a bit chilly for early spring (that's what sweaters are for) I imagine myself wearing this around the house on lazy days, to volunteer at my kids school, to the grocery store, in the garden, on VACATION (yes, please), and even to bed (heck, why not). 

Let's talk about what goes into making a Fenix Romper.

First off, wovens and knits both work for this design.  You are going to need some light weight fabric with some great drape.  It's all about that drape.  

You will also need optional ring hooks and slide adjusters if you work the adjustable shoulder strap option, or optional 12 mm (1/2") double folded bias tape if you are working the non adjustable shoulder strap.  Or neither!  You'll have to check out the tutorial to decide which options work best for your shoulder strap!  

For the Fenix Romper pictured I have used a light stretch satin made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex.  

I've graded this design's difficulty to intermediate.  You'll be dealing with pockets, shoulder straps and linings.  Intermediate but no prob if you've got the patience!

So check it out.  We've got a front and back V neck.  Asymmetrical hem line which will make your gams look ah-maze-ing.  Lots of flowing room to move and relax or dress up and be fancy in.  Options are limitless and I am so eager to see what those of you in the sewing community do with styling this gem!


With that said, don't forget to share pics of your project on Instagram with the hashtag #FENIXROMPER.

Now, because we're being honest here. You need a Fenix Romper in your life!  Trust me!


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