Friday, April 21, 2017

Fenix Romper - Tester Collection


   I was a little worried going into this design because it's funky!  Will people like that its different?.  Will people find it hard to imagine themselves wearing a romper?  Will it be difficult to style?  How are people going to manage going to the bathroom?   Seriously!  All of these questions plagued me while I built this design.  

But seriously, what I've seen so far with the first women who have been able to wear the Fenix Romper is that all of that was moot.  Everything has worked out so beautifully.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience with these women as we dove into this project and they proved that this romper is da bomb!

 Just look what the testers did with this design!  I put these girls to work!  Besides the three drafts we worked through in a little over a week, these gals sifted through the spelling and grammatical errors I am notorious for in my draft tutorials.  They made this design possible by pointing out the importance of options for shoulder straps, the need for a hi-lo leg hem rather than a straight edge, the appropriate V height on the neckline.  

These gals, and a few not pictured, are why our sewing community is amazing!  Working together with such uniquely creative women is so much fun!  Together we get things done and make really great things happen!

To all the women who helped make the Fenix Romper possible, thank you for being so gentle with my sensitive soul!  These designs are my babies and I know when they first get to you that they are in good hands!   


Jeanine from @jeaninegoescreating

Karry from @karry.brook 
OMG  - Check out her business!


Magda from magda_estrela

Sally from sallydmtan

Renata from @runningnstyle
OMG - this blog!!!!

Heather from @gone2quonnie

In case you missed those little blurbs in the center of pictures with links to our testers social media outlets, don't worry!  Check out this list below!  Show them love!  



  1. I LOOOVE thsi pattern soooo much! Thanks for having me test!

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  3. Thanks for letting me participate! I loved making myself two rompers, now I have some cute, comfy outfits for the beach!

  4. These are so wonderful! But am I the only one still wondering about the bathroom question? ;) Do you just roll with it and take the top down? (Not saying that'd be a deterrent, just honestly curious).

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