Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Primrose Pullover Tester Roundup

Major kudos go out to the women who helped make this design happen.  It is, after all, the busiest time of year and the testers who offered their creative input really put forth a major effort to contribute.  Due to time constraints many of them were unable to provide pictures for this release post, but as if you need more screen time go ahead and use the hashtag #primrosepullover on Instagram or in a search engine and you will get many more results which you can draw inspiration from.

I don't know if its ever possible to tell these gals THANK YOU enough.  I feel meager most of the time while I work in a little room stationed in the corner of my home and move lines around until I can get a piece of clothing to fit just right -for me-.  But, I am only one person and because something fits me, most of the time doesn't translate to "fits anyone else."

This is where the importance of the support group, the Tester Group, becomes so apparent.  Getting enough women who's differing heights, and builds and body types together who will get a design like the Primrose Pullover to it's final resting place; secured on a PDF, is a little baby miracle, digital style!

Although, you may not see it or it may not be so apparent, testers are a major driving force in the sewing community.  With that said, please observe the links I've provided above the individual group of images and check out what these creative women are putting out into the universe for all of us to be inspired by!

Courtney from Court of All Trades


Melissa from @sewingforellie

Melissa from Rebel and Malice

Huge THANK YOU to all the mommas and little gals for offering their images to the world.  I hope these will have given you an idea of what kind of results you can expect with this design.  

-Get your very own-

xo, Sarah

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