Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Fall is finally here! I'm so excited to get the chance to wrap up in cozy knit tops again!  Fall is the perfect opportunity for me to live in oversized tops that can take me from social situations when paired with a good pant and back to the comfort of my home with a humble cup of tea.  

The Rumi Pullover is a hip lengthed, dolman styled sleeve, oversized top which demands a gorgeously textured knit fabric. With that said, knits are tricky and not just in the context of how they behave when being worked.  Picking the perfect knit fabric for a project is imperative to the success of any design.  

For this design, my recommended fabric choices all have some very common qualities.  Knits which are textured and which have characteristics of durability and stability with 100% recovery are really a must.  A smooth, light weight jersey knit will not give you results that you can be proud of showing off.  Medium or heavier weighted knit fabrics that drape well give a gently structured finish which is really what we all want when we build knit tops.  

Some fabrics I recommend for this design are ponte, tricot, hacci, Jacquard, sweater, pique and boucle, the list goes on. But what will matter more than what they're called is how they feel!  So, if you are able, get your hands on fabrics you're considering before investing!  

Testing was a really fun experience for me, as it usually goes.  It is always a fulfilling experience to converse with women who have the same interests and to work towards a common goal.  At this point there are only 16 women in the entire world who have Rumi Pullovers!  How cool is that!

The following women worked through their free time and supplies to make this design just right for the rest of the sewing community!  I hope you enjoy it and I highly encourage you to click on the links above their names and check out what they have been offering up to the world!  




Shannon @happytomodachi

Melissa @rebelandmalice

Ashley @littlebitco

Elizabeth @sewbusylizzy

The Rumi Pullover is now available at as well at our Etsy venue!



  1. Tell us about that ombre fabric! Where did you find it?

  2. My question as well... I would love to use ombre fabric for this top!

  3. I adore your patterns , especially dress #47 and the Rumi pullover. That fabric you used for the ombré Rumi is amazing!!! After seeing it made up in ombré I have to have it! Where did you get the Ombré fabric??? I have searched everywhere? Deets pleeze!!!!!!