Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sincerely Dress

Unless you've been hiding in a hemisphere with a never ending winter, you would know that the off the shoulder style is all the rage this season.  Clearly this is an easy style to work if your an adult, but our little ones...nope...just nope.. And if you're a mom, I know you know what I mean.

The Sincerely Dress is a sweet attempt to get our girls into something equally as stylish and easy going.  I went into this project knowing that manageability and comfort had to be the main focus because the off the shoulder style does not always feel as natural as a normal top and -OH- if it's not comfortable on her you're going to know it.  With "that" in mind, I knew no little girl would manage to wear a top with both shoulders exposed so one of them needed some covereage. And to add to the modesty of the dress I felt that it would be best suited with a sleeve.

For this project you will want to work with very light to light weight fabrics. Think silk, rayon, voile, gauze, seersucker, chambray, gingham, shirting, chiffon, crepe, seersucker. I recommend finding a fabric that comes in the larger width of 115cm (60") to reduce the exceptional yardage you'll need if you decide to work with a smaller width.  

We've graded the Sincerely Dress at an intermediate skill level.  We've got some french seams to work with as well as some serious baste and gather.  

What you'll need besides your fabric and sewing machine is approximately 1 meter (1 yard) of 9.5 mm (3/8") braided elastic to work that top ruffle with. Braided elastic has the strength to deal with the constant stretching and recovery so you can expect it to hold up to the test of time (and kids).

Testing for the Sincerely Dress went exceptionally well and we now have some happy girls with brand new dresses. 

Check out what the testers did and feel free to click on the links provided above each group of photos to see more of what their mommas are up to!



The Sincerely Dress is now available on our Cali Faye Collection web venue as well as on Etsy.


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