Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Oh Havanna

Hey America, summer time is here and that means our little gals are going to need some seriously cute, gorgeously breezy and seriously comfortable play wear!  

Did you have an outfit when you were a kid that you loved more than anything; that you wore everyday no matter what?  

I can still remember my favorite outfit, and in fact, I just made it...again!

It didn't have a name when I was young but today I'm going to call it the Havanna Blouse and Havanna Short.  

I'm actually kind of stunned how much I absolutely love this design.  I don't know what it is about this combo but I just can't take my eyes away from how great it looks on my kid.  

Here are the stats on this one:

We're grading our Blouse at an intermediate skill level.  If your an adventurous beginner and think you can manage some serious baste and gathering our blouse might be what you need to take it to the next level and if you know you've got the skills to call yourself an intermediate sewer you'll love the ease of this top!

The Havanna Shorts are also graded at intermediate.  You'll need some patience while working some of the technique necessary for these simple but oh so impressive shorts!  Because of that we've got an awesome visual tutorial to help guide you through the most difficult aspect of the design.  You can check that out and decide if that's something you want to conquer >HERE<.

What you will need - (besides your sewing machine and basics)

Very light to light weight fabrics.  It's summer so these types of fabrics should be in abundance!
-1-2 buttons
- *2 6mm(.25") grommets (what are grommets?  check out that tutorial I mentioned above >HERE<.) 
-*button hole pressor foot
- 32mm (1.25") drawcord elastic (this stuff has changed the way I see waistbands and the way I will designs waistbands forever! I bought 25 yards!) and Don't worry!  If you've never used the stuff before check out my helpful visual tutorial >HERE<)
-*drawstring provisions (if you are opting out of drawcord elastic)

Cali's Havanna outfit pictured above was done in very light weight silky crepe.  She's also got one in light weight seersucker and one in a fabric which was only described to me as "cotton" but it feels so nice it just had to be done!

Wow!  That's a lot of Cali.  Let's casually segway into what the testers made happen.  Feel free to click on the links provided above the pictures to redirect yourself to their blogs!  These ladies play a huge role in the sewing community and they've got lots of really great work to show for it!

Nicoletta at Stitch and Cappuccino 

Courtney from Court of All Trades

Becky at Hey Love Design

Get your little gal in her new favorite summer outfit and save 30% off on your purchase at www.califayecollection.com (or at www.califayecollection.etsy.com).  Sale ends July 2nd 11:59 pm EST.  coupon code - NEWRELEASE

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  1. This is just too adorable! We are in the middle of winter here in Melbourne but I can not wait for summer to roll around so my little one can live in this outfit!