Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Trophy Jacket & Cali Faye Joggers

Well hello!

I look to a lot of places for inspiration on designs, but I didn't have to look far for this one.  The Trophy Jacket has been inspired by our old design, the Haute Hippie Crop.  Now, I know that so many of you really loved the Haute Hippie Crop, but it was time for a facelift.  

Jackets and coats are one of my favorite things to design and as I set forth drafting the Trophy Jacket there was another type of jacket that I really wanted to get at.  I set it on the back burner trying to forget that the idea existed while I focused on the front drape jacket.  But, as it usually goes, I woke up one day and just realized how easily I could incorporate both ideas into this design, while offering two style options.  

Let's talk specs:

The Trophy Jacket comes in sizes 2T - 10 in girls (for now).  It's intended to be form fitting, with a 2"-3" built in ease.  If your little ones are sensitive to their clothing being "too tight" you might want to consider sizing up considerably or skipping this one all together.  To give you a reference for the fit, Cali is wearing a size 7 and she has a 66 cm (26") chest measurement.

The zipper front jacket, pictured above on the left, was created with a mid-weight melton wool.  I've also included the shoulder accessory piece cut from lightweight gold sequin fabric.  I've used a lightweight voile lining to ensure the fit wasn't too stiff considering the weight of the wool. 

The front drape option on the right was created with a light weight faux leather and lightweight voile lining.  

Each option can be created from a variety of medium to light weight fabrics.  Sturdier fabrics work best for the zipper front option as lighter flimsier fabrics will work best for the front drape option.  

Fabric options to consider are wool, suiting, flannel, faux leather, lightweight home decor fabrics, corduroy, linen, etc.  The best options for the liner include very light weight fabrics such as silk, voile, rayon challis, poplin.  

For the zipper front option you will need a 31 cm (12") or longer separating zipper.

You will also need 1/2" single fold bias tape for the "Hong Kong" finish you'll finish some of the inside seams with.  


And so, with the progress of the Trophy Jacket moving forward I was searching high and low for something to style this design with.  I go into a design knowing exactly how I want to present it to you from the very start, but when I couldn't find what I had hoped to find....Well...I figured I am a designer, why am I not doing this myself.  When the joggers came off the sewing machine and Cali got them on I knew they were something so great that I had to share them with you.  

And so...The birth of the Cali Faye Joggers!


The Joggers I have pictured above were created with a mid-weight terry cloth.  I've used the textured side as my RS.  My personal preference is to use the most textured side of a knit because it adds a really great dimension on handmade knit clothing.  I recommend that you jazz it up and try too! 

Other fabric options you may want to consider are bamboo jersey, french jersey knits, double knits, ponte de roma, sweater knits and jacquard.  What you'll need to pay diligent attention to is the stretch of your fabric. (Determining Stretch Percentage of Knits Tutorial coming soon)  Any fabric you choose will need to have at least a 40% stretch along the grain line to accommodate the waistband and ankle band. 

Cali Faye Joggers are intended to fall just above the ankles but make sure to keep in mind your childs inseam measurements and compare them to the Finished Garment Measurements.  To give you a reference, Cali is wearing a size 8 and she is 135 cm (53") tall.

Together both of these designs completely fulfill me.  Comfort and style at it's best, as I've always hoped to achieve.  


By Nicoletta from Stitch and Cappuccino

Melissa from Rebel and Malice

By Andreia from In a Manner of Sewing

By Courtney H. of Court of All Trades

By Sarah J. from The Sara Project

By Trine of  Groovy Baby and Mama

By Maria from Creative Needle and Threads

By Anita from Miss Kusno

I will be updating this post regularly as more and more photo's come in!


  1. Any plans to do those joggers in adult sizes? They are perfect!

  2. Please do these in an adult size. Every time I make a pair for my daughter all the adults want a pair for themselves. Myself included. They're just the cutest.