Monday, February 15, 2016

Lil Luxe Collection - Blog Tour - The Lil Luxe Dress

When Jessica Bustos, the creative mind behind Lil Luxe Collection, invited me to work with the Lil Luxe Dress for feature in her Lil Luxe Dress Blog Tour I could not pass up the chance to get my hands on her gorgeous design!  I'm sure she can relate to me when I say that it's a welcome treat to get back to the basics of this whole designing thing.  Really, what she allowed me to do was to get back to doing what I love to do most, which is sew and for that I am exceedingly grateful!

It's been a long long time since I have sewn a stitch that didn't follow a path I had drafted.  As a designer I love seeing how other people interpret my designs, and with that in mind I really wanted to use this as my opportunity to interpret the Lil Luxe Dress in a way that made it unique to my own aesthetic.

I took several days to just think about the look I wanted to achieve.  The pattern comes with several options to work within.  No sleeve, cap sleeve and, over on the Lil Luxe Blog, guidance is shown on how to lengthen the sleeve for cooler seasons.  You can also choose to work with the shorter circle skirt, which lengthening and shortening provisions are provided, or a maxi dress style.  All of these options are interchangeable with the gorgeous scoop back bodice style which makes for the most beautiful bodice EVER!

For my Lil Luxe Dress, I choose to work with the cap sleeve and the circle skirt.  Jessica's aesthetic is very luxurious, hence "lil luxe" but mine is slightly demure.  Her pleated circle skirt with horsehair braid hem and recommended 8 layers of tulle contribute to the most voluminous and stunning effect which I love but I wasn't sure I could pull it off authentically.   

You may notice that the circle skirt on my dress has less volume which was very purposeful in the slinky look I was hoping to achieve, but we still managed to get the "swirl factor" which no little girl can resist!  I decided to baste and gather the waistline as you would with the maxi dress style considering the very lightweight nature of the fabric I used.  I also chose to omit the horsehair braid and only used 2 layers of tulle.  To draw attention to the circle skirt I used crochet trim and to balance the dress I applied trim to the neck line as well.  

Note the beading on the back.  What a perfect opportunity to decorate!  Buttons, beads, trimmings, if you can imagine it, do it!  I love adding small accessory details to the garments I make for Cali because it gives my work and her clothes personality.  I'm kind of kicking myself right now for not taking a before and after pic.  You would be shocked at how much bang for your buck you can get with a little trimming and bead work.

I used a "peach skin" fabric, which can be found HERE.  It's a thin, ultra smooth velvety textured and durable fabric that I find is easier to work with than silk.  For warmer climates it gives a nice cooling effect and for here, where today the thermometer registers as high as -6° F it can be very comfortable and cozy under a sweater.

There is so much you can do with this design, as the case with most of Jessica's Lil Luxe Collection.  The fit was RIGHT ON and the length was RIGHT ON.  (I worked a size 5 for Cali and she is 127cm (50") tall.)

If you are on Instagram check out the hashtag #lilluxedress to get even more ideas on what is possible with the Lil Luxe Dress design and make sure to follow Jessica @lilluxecollection.  

The Lil Luxe Collection website is also packed with a massive lot of tutorials for accessories and pattern alterations.  For guidance on how you can add length to the Lil Luxe Dress sleeve visit HERE.

Thanks for checking in with me on the Lil Luxe Blog Tour.  Jessica will also be hosting a Sewalong and you've got four more days of inspirational dresses coming your way!  Follow along HERE!


  1. So beautiful Sarah! The crochet detail and buttons are love love!!

  2. Sarah - It's beautiful. I love your demure take on the pattern. The result is classic and stunning all at once. My favorite touch is the trim on the skirt ... It really highlights the double circle design feature. I will definitely be using that idea on my next lil lux! ;) Vanessa of @eastandeden