Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Introducing the Hampshire Trouser

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It's been a long road with this top secret project.  I am so excited to get this out there for you all and with that comes a whole slew of emotions. It's a thrilling mix of excitement, relief, anxiety, apprehension, joy, giddiness.  All that swallowed up by the overwhelming desire to eat as many candy bars as I can manage.

Today's release of the Hampshire Trouser is a huge accomplishment for me.  Getting myself, the testers and hopefully you at some point to utter the words "Holy cow, I made pants" is the coolest things about this whole independent designer gig I have dreamed up in a while.

Knowing that now something I've been keeping secret and working to perfect for so long is out there is mind blowing. This kind of work and outlet for me is such a thrill and I am so happy that it's been accepted so generously by all of you!

My intent behind making a trouser was first to prove to myself that I could do it.  Second, to design a pair of pants that I didn't want to exchange for a pair of sweat pants the moment I walked into my home.  And lastly, but not least-ly, to have a pair of pants that make my legs and bum looks amazing.  Isn't that always the huge focus of a good pant?

Let's go over some specifics!  


The best fabrics for the Hampshire Trouser are medium weight wovens.  Some options you might want to choose from are flannel, wool, suiting, linen, suede, velvet.  Lighter weight wovens work best for an accessory fabric which will line the pockets and waistband.  

The Hampshire Trouser pictured was created with a corduroy(21 wale) which you can find HERE.  


TECHNIQUES: Welt Pockets.  Zipper fly.  Stitch in the ditch.

My personal measurements are 33.5", 26", 38" (b,w,h), and I am 5'9".  My waist and hip measurements put me in some random realm between XS and M, which wasn't exactly a small but that is what I decided to work with, while doing a hip to thigh alteration.

It's not uncommon to need some slight alteration when making pants and although it's been my goal to give you a design which fits everyone without any alteration needed, I know this is an unrealistic approach. So, I've included the Hampshire Trouser Alteration Guide to help you to custom fit your trouser. 


sewing machine
overlocker(highly recommended)
5" or longer metal or coil zipper
1 Button (or hook and eye closure option)
*button hole pressor foot
zipper pressor foot

WHEN YOU NEED HELP - you are always welcome to contact me personally or visit our tutorials!

The Hampshire Trouser is intended to rest casually between the waist and the hip and to give you room enough for comfort without sacrificing style.  

Over the next few days I will be showing you pictures from the extremely talented ladies who helped make the Hampshire Trouser possible!  I can't wait for you to see what they were able to turn out!

Until then, get started on your very own Hampshire Trouser by clicking the button below!


  1. I'm so excited for you! and for me too, because I love my new pants!!

  2. Holy Cow! I've just looked at Rachael's finished pants and now see your fabulous pattern. I'm a beginner! But these are a great motivation to learn, and start. Congrats on this beautiful and flattering slacks pattern.

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  4. I impulse bought this a week or so ago, ordered some 21 wale corduroy the same night, and now have a new favorite pair of pants. So comfy! Today a child said to me, "You didn't ACTUALLY make those". Oh yes I did! ^^