Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hampshire Trouser - Shout out to the testers!

Imagine my surprise when I run a call to testers for the Hampshire Trouser and after three days of collecting applications I open up my responses and find 160+ people have applied!

I definitely felt the love, especially because I was asking for help with pants!  Considering the technical construction and difficulty that revolves around making a custom fit pant I was blow away by the amount of people, from novice to advanced skill levels, who were ready to dive right in.

Technically, I stalked each and every person who applied, but we can always call that market research which makes me sound much less creepy.  I'll tell you one thing for certain, checking everyone out is such a blast. I can't believe the amount of talent out there!

Eventually, I had to make some choices which excited me, but also made me regret not being able to manage a testers group of 160+ people.  

To those who applied and to those who were invited to help me there is no amount of my thank you's that would ever be enough.  Sharing my projects with and learning from you makes me a better designer.   

And with this design, there was a lot of learning to be done.  

I would love if I happened to design a pant which gave every single woman the best fit possible.  But let's remember how completely different every single woman is which makes this task absolutely impossible!  

Thank goodness for our abilities to custom create a fit that gets us into a good pair of pants!

Every single woman who tested the Hampshire Trouser had a different result!  Every. Single. One!

Some adding to the hip, some took away.  Some had to move the crotch point, or adjusted the rise.  Some didn't make any alterations at all, and some sized down, while others sized up!  But all were able to accomplish a pant that fit well with the help of the draft muslin or two and the Hampshire Trouser Alterations Guide which comes with the design. 

The amount of effort that each woman put in, with the consideration of every other aspect of their lives not slowing down, has been a huge gift to the design.  

As the tester pictures continue to roll in I will continue to update you all with their results!  The temperatures in the northern regions of the world are dreadfully cold for outdoor pictures so when they are able I think we will definitely be seeing more of the Hampshire Trouser on the world wide web.


Crystal - @thoresoncrystal

Lise - @nutellise

And definitely keep an eye out for little sneak peaks from the ladies listed below! 

Emilie - @alafrench
Rhiannon  - @rhi.owens

And if YOU would like to share your results with me and the world, don't be shy!  Send your pictures to, or post them in our Facebook Group where you can connect with others who are working on Cali Faye projects just like you!  

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