Friday, October 23, 2015

Valley Blouse . girls

This last year I've dedicated a major part of my time working to build my womens pattern line.  I was so buried in all things -busts, darts, slopes, hips, curves, blah blah- that I completely forgot how much I love making childrens clothes.  It's slightly easier to draft a childrens pattern, but that's not why.  Kids just look so cute in mommy made clothes.

And, I know I don't speak for myself when I say this, but there comes a really powerful sense of pride when you can do something like make your daughter a blouse.  It's just another way for us to love our children which fulfills a sense of accomplishment we as mothers hunger to feel.

That sense of accomplishment, of being more than just a chef and my children's psychologist is why I started sewing for my daughter.  It's given me a productive creative space in my life and something I have been able to share with my family, friends and you.

Cali's almost 8 and I'm really liking her fabric choices lately.  I think she's grown from loving really busy prints and way too exciting colors which are usually of calico fabric type, to loving muted colors and fun textures.  I was very happy with her fabric choice for her blouse.  Blue is her favorite color and she was hoping for a blouse in the same fabric as my featured Valley Blouse.  Luckily, it wasn't hard to find light weight clip dot fabric at

She's really been excited about getting her photo taken for the collection.  She even came out with some awesome poses, like the "airplane" pose in the top featured picture and I think in the one below she might have been doing a jig.

Thank you wind for getting us the coolest silhouette ever!

If you've made a Valley Blouse and want to share, join me on the newly established Cali Faye Collection private group on Facebook where you can talk and share your projects with other sewing mommies!


Introducing some of the best dressed kids I know!

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The cuteness is on overload with these girls!  I'd bet this little gals entire wardrobe might just be mommy made!  Check out her mothers inspirational blog at Modern Foodie and on Instagram at code name - APRILBOYER

Last I heard, Marie, mother of the little on below, hand sews everything!  She's got a gorgeous blog to see too, where you can check out everything she's up to!  

Check out all her mothers gorgeous work at La Couture Pour Les Brutes 

And I haven't seen much of this little one below, mainly because I've been working closely with her mommy this past year!  I'm so happy to have this little gal in some Cali Faye Collection!

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If you're looking for more inspiration jump on Instagram and use the hashtags #ValleyBlouse and #CaliFayeCollection and get your fill!

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