Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Valley Blouse . girls . Call to testers

It's been a LONG time since you've seen this little gal hasn't it.  

I think back to when I started Cali Faye Collection and those first pictures I took of Cali in her Simply Chic dress(and some other designs which I'm a little embarrassed to mention).  
She was so tiny and loved "modeling" the designs but it wasn't always the 
easiest thing to do with a four year old.  Needless to say, I had to put forth an unruly amount of effort to give her a reason to be interested in standing in front of a wall while I took hundreds of pictures of her hoping just a few of them caught her in a moment where she wasn't blinking. 

Well, after a year long break from the biz, Cali's got a new gig and she's grown and changed so much that when I showed these pictures to family members they asked me in all seriousness "Who is that?"

Cali loves wearing her Valley Blouse and I love seeing her in it.  And honestly, sometimes when she wears it I have a hard time believing I MADE THAT!  I'm really happy with the finish of the blouse and the really solid construction.  Handmade is just SO MUCH BETTER quality than you'll find in a store and so much more unique!  

The womens Valley Blouse is already in testing and it's time we set some focus on getting the girls version there also!

I need the help of some really talented moms who have a little girls who might want a Valley Blouse hanging in her closet.  I'm looking for help with sizes 2T-10 in girls.  

Testing will need to be accomplished from October 15 - October 20.  

I've graded this design at an intermediate sewing level.

The Valley Blouse works best in very light weight woven fabrics.  Some options you may want to consider are swiss dot, voile, crepe, madras, charmeuse, silk, chiffon, or rayon challis.   The Valley Blouse pictured was created with a light weight swiss dot fabric.  We highly recommend working with a fabric that you consider your "working muslin" during the testing phase.  Please do not use your high value, favorite fabric of all time on the first working draft.

Thank you for offering to help me with the release of the girls Valley Blouse!  I'm really excited to see how everyone interprets this design in their own fashion.

When your ready and able please fill out the form below so I know you are interested in testing the Valley Blouse for Cali Faye Collection!  I will be collecting responses on Tuesday, October 13 and October 14.   Don't forget to click the "DONE" button at the bottom.



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