Friday, April 10, 2015

Spotlight on the Basics

The Cali Faye Collection line of Basics would never have been a reality without the talent and patience of the team of gals I was able to pull together from the huge Instagram call to testers.

The twenty-eight women who stuck with me through almost a month of communication which spanned nine time zones, and three languages, fed me with a ton of inspiration. I encountered a few personal challenges during this time and I can’t tell you how much their support and patience meant to me. Together, our work led us to complete slight edits and tweaks to bring us to the release of the final Basics designs.

Although I ask my testers to offer me pictures of particular bits of a draft muslin in order for me to see visually where I can make improvements on grade, it’s never been one of my requirements that they release their pictures or speak of their experience publicly.  There is a lot of responsibility that comes along with making this acknowledgment publicly, and although I see that many of you like to see tester pictures in an effort to decide if a design is right for you or not, I hope you can understand my utmost respect for their privacy and photographic property.

Today, some of my testers have agreed to be a part of this blog post and it's my hope that they inspire you as much as they inspire me.  Most of them are mothers and as a mother myself, I know that we cater to this role first, foremost and above all else.  But we are also artists and we deserve to embrace and create things for ourselves as much as we do our children. This is something that has fed my urgent desire to create womens' clothing designs. Your children will thank you for the beautiful work which you I hope you go to great lengths to picture like the women who have volunteered their images for this project.

I'm so proud to introduce to you a few of the women who helped make Cali Faye Basics possible!

Kristi in the Pocket Skirt and Tank 
Kristi offers up calming karmic vibes which is so refreshing for me when I feel like I am trapped in a crazy fast paced extravagant mess of fabrics.  Her humble collection of inspirational photographs makes me want to get my hands into baking, knitting, and gardening like...RIGHT NOW!  
Look for Kristi at Follow her on Instagram too - KRISTI_SWEETKM.  

Amber dolled up in a Drop Skirt and Tank.
Not many people can seriously rock silver hair, but when you come across someone who can you better believe they deliver.  Serious talent meets serious style! 
Check out Amber's blog at and collection of inspirational photos on Instagram under the code name: AMBERBOCKMAN.   

Alexis.  In her Drop Skirt and Tank.
Alexis is one of those ladies who was blessed with more hours in her day than most of us.  She's been one of my go to gals for longer than I can remember.  She, with the help of her daughter, constantly fuel my inspiration for all things fabric and photography!  
Check Alexis out at  and also on IG at MYYSWEETSUNSHINE
Follow her on Facebook >HERE<
And you won't believe it...she's got a FABRIC STORE!   My Sweet Sunshine is on Etsy!

Angie, another one of my go to gals and who I would designate as my "BFF" if an ocean didn't separate us, has made so many Basic Tanks that I've lost count.  She is a super star when it comes to mixing, matching, and constructing the most A.M.A.Z.I.N.G outfits for herself and her daughter.
You absolutely must visit with Angie's blog and Instagram collection for a crazy load of inspiration from her and her little diva, Joni.  
Bookmark Angie's blog at Edith and Eloise  and follow her on IG: code name - ANGIE.BURGETT

Andreia in the Basics Dress
I am just starting to get to know Andreia and her passion for handmade and taking gorgeous pictures has me in complete awe!   She's also recently developed a blog, which has come together so beautifully that you would have thought she'd been doing it for years.  Not only does she dish out gorgeous projects with the help of amazing fabrics, but she is SO funny!   I love every word she writes!
You can follow along with Anderia's adventures at In a Manner of Sewing , or IG: code name ANDSALGUEIRO

Alicia in the Basics Dress
Mother of F.I.V.E. and A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.   Nothing inspires me more than seeing a mother who is able to allow time for herself and her passions.  A mother's creative ambition has the ability to fuel multi dimensional experiences into a family as much as it can feed a mother's soul.  Yes, YOU deserve a "selfish" sew and we're so happy you went all out Alicia!
Find Alicia on IG at ALICIAFARRANT and if you are a new mother needing something a little special you must see her Etsy shop at Alicias Designs and on Facebook!

If you would like to see more of Cali Faye Basics, jump on Instagram and plug in the hashtags -  #basicstank #basicsdropskirt #basicspocketskirt #basicsdress #califayecollection

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