Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I am over the moon!  

My latest designs have personally filled a void in my wardrobe that I've been in need of dealing with for a very long time.  What my wardrobe was lacking was balance between comfortable functionality and effortless style that fits appropriately into my lifestyle.  I think most of us have clear evidence of our lack of exactly that as we've likely designated an entire drawer to yoga pants.

In the days leading up to this point right now, I have selfishly enjoyed my Cali Faye Basics line in secret.  Dropping my kids off at school, coffee dates with my husband, meetings with friends in the heart of the business district and even island hopping to Indonesia.  My very own, handmade, basics line has fulfilled my daily routine over and over again.


This round of "CALL TO TESTERS" is going to be a little different and a whole lot more fun!  

I will be choosing creative women to help me test these designs from Instagram. I want to see your style and your craft.  I want to see how you see the world, and I want to get to know YOU!  

Follow me on Instagram at califayecollection.  Find the picture I've designated for my call to testers and enter in the size which you would be willing to test.  Not sure what CFC size you fit?  Check here - SIZE CHART

Would you like a better chance of me seeing you?  On any of your Instagram pictures link me at #califayetester.  I'd love to see any project which you are particularly proud of or anything that you're passionate about!  

I will be searching for candidates between Wednesday, February 18 and Friday, February 20.  

If you are selected for testing I will notify you through Instagram on or before Monday, February 23.  Once we are connected you will get an exclusive look at the new collection of designs and the chance to be one of the first people to view and create your very own part of the Cali Faye Basics line.

So..  Without further ado....

Cali Faye Collection . Basics . women

BASICS . drop skirt &  BASICS . tank

BASICS . pocket skirt & BASICS .  tank

BASICS . dress

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