Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Introducing the Brenna Coat

One rainy day, long in November....-ish-, I sat down to draft up the women's Cadette Coat.
My focus was really on that empire waist line, those sleeve cuffs, those shoulder darts.  But, with my latest designs I try to let my gusto for the design lead me.  If I'm draw to a specific structure I'll go that way, if I'm not in the mood for buttons, or a collar - then no collar or buttons.
My gusto for the women's Cadette Coat was a little out of wack, because what I ended up with was NOT the women's Cadette Coat at all.
The Brenna Coat is what happened, and I am SO pleased that I followed my inspiration and not my intentions.  
This coat is exactly what I would look for in a store, but I've only ever seen one similar on Pinterest...because lets face it...everything is on Pinterest.  
This coat allows me to present myself exactly as I would want to be perceived.  Minimal, casually fashionable, smart, and well put together.
The gorgeous drape of the Brenna Coat is why this pattern was made and speaks high fashion with little effort to me.  
I hope that you are able to create how you want to be perceived in your very own Brenna Coat, and that my love for design and my inspiration guides your way.  

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