Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Retail Inspiration

Singapore is a shoppers paradise!  Long Saturdays spent walking around the city with red fingers from heavy shopping bags is practically a national pastime.
In the past three years I've learned to dig beyond all of the enormous franchises which line the hustle and bustle of Singapore's famous Orchard Road.  What I've found is an incredibly eye catching array of smaller boutique-ish shops sprinkled in between the gaps.
What I love most about the smaller up and comers is their modern Asian translations.  I tend to navigate to the aesthetic of displays, the fabrics and textures of clean cut garments.  It's all very inspiring and just being surrounded by fabric, clothing and light gets me so excited to design.
So, while you patiently await the next Cali Faye design I thought I'd pass a little eye candy from my adventures in retail your way!

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